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Saturday, 10 August 2013


The annual fireworks competition was upon Vancouver again!  This annual multi-day Vancouver festival takes place around late July-early August and this year we were blessed with fantastic weather (a historic record of no rain for the entire month of July!).  For best views of the fireworks one may want to consider heading to English Bay (I have only been there once for fireworks... but go there a few hours early!), but there are many alternative locations to enjoy the fireworks around town as well (I have personally been to Jericho beach, Kitsilano beach, Vanier Point, and on the bridges connecting downtown to the rest of Vancouver).

At 9:15 PM (looking at North Shore)
At 9:30 (left corner... people walking toward Vanier Point)
The reason why I rarely travel to English Bay to watch the show is: 1) Laziness (waiting for hours to secure a spot on the beach), 2) Traffic (parking downtown is prohibitively expensive + leaving downtown after the show is a nightmare), 3) Not that interesting for photography (no background!).  I am only able to attend 1 show this year due to work and other commitments, and since I promised I would try to visit all of the bridges connecting Vancouver to downtown from an earlier post... these fireworks pictures were taken from the Burrard St. Bridge! (I have now completed my promise!).  I arrived with my trusty tripod at around 9:20 PM (fireworks started at 10 PM) and there were still plenty of room for me to setup along the bridge (of course the "prime" bridge locations were already taken by other photographers).  Plenty of free parking could be had along residential streets (7th to 15th ave) if you don't mind walking for 10-15 minutes.

Without further ado...

And a bonus panorama! (Comments or questions? Leave a message below!)

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