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Friday, 16 August 2013

Favorite Photos

This page houses my favorite pictures through my camera lens.  Even though these pictures will most likely not win any awards, they are my favorite memories (usually because they are on my Bucket List).  Most of these pictures are displayed on my wall in my own home.

Oregon Coast - Thor's Well

Bucket list item #30!
I stumbled upon a picture of this place on Flickr while planning my Oregon Coast road trip, and I quickly realized that I must visit this place. This was taken along the Oregon Coast at a place near Cape Perpetua. "Thor's Well" is actually a geographic "blow hole" where it is under water most of the time when the tide is high, and it is only visible when the tide is low with waves coming on-shore. When the wave comes in through the underground channel it jets out "Thor's well" like a geyser... be careful because if you are pulled into this cave you'll be coming back out in pieces with the next wave!

I actually visited this place the day before this picture was taken but the weather was so windy/rainy that it was a little bit too dangerous for my taste (actually since I was traveling with my girlfriend at the time (wife now) I didn't want her to worry. Even when I took this picture the conditions were a little dicey...

New York City - Time's Square - Midnight Madness

(part of) Bucket list item #10!
This picture was taken around midnight at the core of the city that never sleeps - Time's Square. Earlier that day I had visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and in their photography section there was a set of purposely de-focused photographs (I forgot who the photographer was) which I thought was interesting. So I decided to do my own set of de-focused photographs in NYC to convey the extreme pace and adrenaline that defines the city of New York.

This is actually part of a 3 set series I had taken but this is the best one in my opinion because even though it is blurry most people will still recognize it as Time's Square. The other two were taken at the Brooklyn Bridge and on top of the Rockefeller Center (of the Empire State Building) - Maybe I'll find time and post a trip report of NYC sometime...

Grand Canyon

Bucket list item #26!

My wife and I booked a 5 day trip to Las Vegas to finalize some wedding stuff, so it is only logical that I sneak away for a couple of days... I mean... it is only logical for me to give some freedom for my wife-to-be and her maid of honor to do their thing. The 4 hour drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon was uneventful aka super boring with tumbleweeds blowing across the highway from time to time.

The road leading to the Grand Canyon (South Rim) was on an incline so all I saw was more road until I hit the apex of the ascend... then BAM the Grand Canyon appeared in front of my eyes all at once. It was so majestic unlike anything I've ever seen/imagined. This canyon is so ginormous my mind was literally shocked. I tried taking my wife there in a separate trip but it was so foggy/snowy we couldn't see anything...

Great Wall of China - Wild Wall

Bucket list item #12!
There is a Chinese proverb suggesting that "a real man must've endured the Great Wall" so there I was being a real manly man haha

Like many popular tourist attractions the portion that most tourists frequent is overcrowded and heavily commercialized.  Instead we hired a cab to take us to the untouched portion of the Great Wall which was about 2-3 hours away from Beijing in the adjacent province. This portion of the Great Wall was called JinShanLing and when we were there we hiked for 6 hours and we only saw less than 10 people. It was a wonderful feeling to have the Great Wall all to yourself... we also had a taste of the hardship the soldiers must've had to endure because those northern China winds were bone chilling - worst than anything I've encountered in Canada so far!

Iceland - Jokulsarlon sunset

(part of) Bucket list item #5 & #17!

This picture was taken at Jokulsarlon in Iceland

The reason why this picture resonated with me is because this picture represented my travels in Iceland (which was magical by the way). I had gone through heavy wind and rain storms for 2 days prior to this picture was taken and the sun finally peaked through the rain clouds near sunset for the first time. I spent the night right beside this glacial lake and the next morning was even better. (see my trip report under Iceland)

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